I had never done a renovation before and so the expertise of Noel's that first impressed me was that he guided me through the process, telling me when to order appliances for the kitchen and where to have the cabinets built and then when I'd need the pulls. That made the experience. I know so many people who were under construction for twice as long as was estimated and in part it was because the family didn't order what they needed to when they needed to.

Secondly, there were many inspections. I have always heard they can slow up a project, but the work done by Noel's crew always passed inspections. So the job was done when they said it would be. That alone is said to be a miracle and it meant a lot to me.

Thirdly, my house was a Victorian and Noel was appreciative of making the renovation fit into the rest of the house. I didn't want the house to look renovated. I hated the fan over the range and Noel personally built a beautiful cabinet around it. The men on his crews - the builders, plumbers, tile layers, wood floor layers, painters - were all first rate. They were highly skilled and considerate. I enjoyed working with all of them.

After my job many friends hired him and everyone felt as I did. He's a man more than most, you believe in him, and he delivers. He's someone you'll never forget.

Lucy Gray

We have had Noel Bartley & Co. work on our house in Noe Valley three times in the last ten years for major work. The first was some structural work due to dry rot, window replacement and new exterior siding. The second was a steel beam installed in the basement which entailed extensive electrical and plumbing rearranging and foundation work. During both of these projects we lived in the house with minimum interruption of water and electricity.

More recently Noel did extensive reconstruction of our upper flat. It consisted of "down to the studs" new walls, ceiling, new electrical wiring, plumbing and stairs to the third floor bedroom. The kitchen and two bathrooms were remodeled. Since it was such major job we were not able to live there and all communication was done over the phone and by email. Noel kept in touch with us almost on a daily bases.

Two important qualities of his work are that his staff or subs are working on the project every week day. The other is that he gives realistic schedules for when various stages of work will be accomplished.

Noel finished all three jobs in the time and for the amount we agreed upon. We are very pleased with the results.

Carl L

Noel worked on large and small projects in our home and we were always impressed with his attention to detail.

He and his colleagues are all top-notch, friendly, and very professional. And when we weren't sure how to approach an issue, he would think on it until it was just how we wanted it. We've referred Noel to friends and family proudly and are thrilled to call him a contractor and a friend.


Noel did a fantastic job renovating the 104 year old 2-story flat in San Francisco that has been in the family for generations. The property needed a complete overhaul from the foundation to the roof, plumbing, electrical and exterior. Noel coordinated all the work with the architect, structural engineer, building inspectors, subcontractors, and his crew. Building projects in San Francisco can be a daunting experience, but Noel was very familiar with the San Francisco building codes, and was effective in dealing with the city building department.

He had a great concept for maximizing the small units, and utilizing the space to fit additional bedrooms and bathrooms, and added lots of storage room. His work was done with good craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to detail. He offered great suggestions for the cabinetry, fixtures, and interior and exterior finishes. I would use Noel again for any future construction project.

Wesley Wong